OnePlus Two vs LG G4 : Camera Unit Comparision of the two wonderful flagships !

The upcoming Oneplus Two is on the way to give out many high-specs information to prove it’s truely the flagship killer. However, there is one thing we still cannot make sure about which is its camera specification. The device is expected to have a 13MP camera unit at the back side. Then, the OnePlus CEO Peter Lau posted on the company’ forums some sharp shots of OnePlus Two in the comparision with LG G4.

Recently, OnePlus CEO has shown some night camera pictures from the OnePlus and compare them with the LG G4. Basing on the images quality, we can see that the second generation of OnePlus has the better improvement compared to the OnePlus 1.

Given below are the camera performance of the OnePlus Two vs LG G4. We cannot really say that it beats the G4, but we obviously cannot refuse its great outcomes.

(LG G4 – left side; OnePlus 2 – right side)

Nevertheless, it still not ensure that those images sample are exactly from the CEO, people are still looking forward to its real performance in real life, which can give the final comments on this camera unit. As the expectation, the handset is going to come in the next two weeks. According to the CEO, it will be around $400 for sale price.