Samsung Galaxy Note 5 leaks: 5.89″ FHD, USB Type-C port and 4,100mAh

Still in the process of preparing for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the company decided to equip their new machine with USB 3.1 Type C as long as new interface. Some people consider USB 3.1 synonymous with Type-C designation, yet in fact it is a distinct standard. A phone with USB 3.1 Type-C seems to sport a transfer speed up to 10Gbps with compatible devices. Besides, the pair of standards supports 1.5A and 3A currents, which also helps improve power delivery.

samsung galaxy note 5

As the Note 5 is getting more famous though it has not been confirmed for anything, recently some Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs have been revealed. Specifically, the screen size will be made up to 5.89 inches but with less thickness than Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (7.9mm vs 8.5mm). If you like a phablet, you may consider this one. Other than that, unfortunately, the rumored display with 4K resolution is not coming true, according to the sources.

Other specs include a 4,100mAh battery as quoted. One more addition is that a more improved S-pen stylus will be seen together with Galaxy Note 5, like a special feature of Samsung Galaxy Note series as always. More than that Android 5.1.1 Lollipop will be in charge.


One important thing about the new Samsung flagship we cannot forget is its processor. The handset is likely to be powered by an Exynos 7422 chipset, which is a modified version of the 7420 built in Samsung Galaxy S6. It is also said that the speedy UFS 2.0 memory will appear on the larger model.

Perhaps we just need to wait a bit more since Samsung Galaxy Note 5 can be officially brought to IFA – a world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, in Berlin this September, 2015. Then, we will know exactly what it is capable of and how it looks like. So, do you like a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Malaysia? And tell us what Samsung Galaxy Note 5 price in Malaysia do you expect?