Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3: budget flagship from giant brands

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3 are 2 awesome flagships from 2 of the biggest smartphone producers in the world, with super cool specs for surprisingly affordable price tags. Therefore, we now put them together in a comparison…


Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3: Budget bugs from the giants

Both Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3 are catching huge attention for what they have to offer despite the affordable prices. Nokia E1, costing around USD 250, goes with a handy 4.9 inch display, 2GB RAM, Android 6.0 OS and more amazingly, a 20MP Pureview camera! Meanwhile, for a price tag of around USD 350, Lenovo Vibe X3 features some of the most premium specs you can ask for: 5.5”, 3GB RAM, 3600 mAH and a whooping 23MP rear camera! Hmm, you are loving them, aren’t you?

Though both are among top choices in our market nowadays, Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3 obviously stands out from one another as well as other competitors. Nokia E1 will sell super well for being one of the first Nokia Android phones in their comeback 2016. The smartphone is also a design winner, which I am sure everyone will love at first sight. Lenovo Vibe X3, on the other hand, remarks itself for covering all of the best stuff in just one machine. It even comes with a huge internal storage and Dual SIM.


Lenovo Vibe X3 is definitely leading in terms of specs, with a bigger RAM, bigger battery and bigger camera. However, the fact that Nokia E1 is from the greatest smartphone legend in the world – Nokia, is already a huge advantage. Moreover, it seems that Nokia E1 will be slightly cheaper in price, which also contributes to your vote of the winner!

Nokia E1 VS Lenovo Vibe X3: worth every penny

With what they are packing on board, both handsets are cool enough to be saving for and waiting for, don’t you agree? I have heard that a lot of people would buy the Nokia E1 because they are just in love with its Pureview camera. Meanwhile, it seems like many others are gathering money to grab the Lenovo Vibe X3 – for it is such a powerful beast with elegant design!