Xiaomi RedMi Trace concept: 5.2″ screen, 4GB RAM and 20MP cam ???

At the moment, we are looking forward to Xiaomi Mi5, the flagship successor to Xiaomi Mi4, to be launched in this half of the year. Besides, we feel excited with many Xiaomi smartphone concepts having been spotted on the internet so far. Say, the Xiaomi Redmi Trace we are going to talk about in the next parts is…


These phones are named Xiaomi Redmi TX1, Redmi TX2, Redmi XR1 and Redmi XR2, respectively.

As we know, the sub-brand Xiaomi Redmi (also aka Hongmi for sales within China), introduced in 2013, mainly releases smartphones with average specs and budget-friendly prices. Its latest device, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 debuted in August, 2015, has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from consumers. And that is a good signal for the future of the Xiaomi Redmi series.

Lately, we have noticed a new concept for a Xiaomi Redmi handset which is so beautiful and strong that we want to share with you guys. If this comes true, we think it has potential to be as successful as the Redmi Note 2. Yes, the one we are going to introduce is called Xiaomi Redmi Trace, designed by Mladen Milic. Moreover, this time, the designer has created an entire series of Xiaomi Redmi Trace. Check it out!

In general, the series has 4 variants and they are said to include different CPUs, screen sizes, RAM capacities and cameras, depending on the model. However, some details about their specs have been revealed. Two one will come with side speakers and the other two with back speakers. There are 4.7-inch HD models with quad-core CPUs, and 5MP or 8MP rear cams. In addition, 32GB of internal storage and 3GB RAM will be on-board as well. Higher end models with 5.2-inch Retina HD screens, 13MP or 20MP snappers and powerful 4GB RAM are also created for those who want strong machines for heavy use.

So, those are for the Xiaomi Redmi Trace specs. What about Xiaomi Redmi Trace design? Basically, the phone is put in black and white only, yet it is still gorgeous, right?! We find the Mi logo placed on the front surface quite interesting, and the back looks totally different from the one we usually see in Xiaomi smartphones, but in a good way. That could mark a new chapter for Xiaomi design indeed. 

Well, what do you think about this Xiaomi concept smartphone series? And if Xiaomi really considered this one for their next Redmi device, what would Xiaomi Redmi Trace price in Malaysia be? Share with us your opinions 😀 !