Xiaomi Mi laptop: can it make a big time?

Recently, Xiaomi has just launched its first laptop-Mi NoteBook Air. This Xiaomi Mi laptop owns powerful specs and a stunning look. However, will this device succeed in the market full of other famous brands?

Xiaomi Mi laptop


Xiaomi Mi laptop: it’s hard to compete with others brand

Fist of all, we all can see that PC market is now on the edge of decline. And laptop market will soon follow the step of PC. So, the fact that Xiaomi decided to join in this segment is a little surprised. Not even mention that there are many big brands which already brought the same kind of Xiaomi Mi laptop in this segment. In the 13.3-inch segment, there are MacBook Air, Dell XPS 13 or HP Envy 13. What makes Xiaomi different from the crown is the economical price.

However, we should recall that big brands (Lenovo, Dell or HP) have joined in this market for may years. They have provided many products for various segments. They have their own customers for each segment. And it is not easy for customers to change their spending habits. Besides, the qualities of these products are verified. Xiaomi Mi laptop is not. So, with only two new products, Xiaomi can not compete with the other big companies.

Xiaomi Mi laptop


Secondly, the main markets of Xiaomi Mi laptop are China and India. And people in these countries are tending to bypass this kind of product as well as PC. Now, they care more about smartphones. Smartphones go priority. According to an analyst from IDC Research, Chinese notebook market will fall about 10.4% in 2016. This number is 9.3% in the global market.

Xiaomi Mi laptop: another unsuccessful product?

Finally, this is not a first time that this Chinese company involves in a new market. They used to get many new products to the market in order to create a Mi ecosystem. They released Mi Drone with two versions: 4K video camera with Rs 30,200 and Full HD camera with Rs 25,200. Mi Band and Mi Band 2 are also their new products. They even brought a foldable bike to the market. However, these products can’t succeed like smartphones. Well, Xiaomi laptop could probably fail like the other products.