ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3: 6GB RAM, SND 820

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3 are the very first smartphones with 6GB RAM. What are other specs other than their massive RAM capacity? 

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3: what else?

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3 were released last month with so many surprises for tech geeks. Both are designed with 5.5-inch display and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection but different resolutions. ZTE Axon 7 comes with flawless 2K screen with AMOLED capacity. In terms of OnePLus 3 design, it is full HD optic AMOLED display. These two flagships run on the latest Android Marshmallow and mount dual-core processor clocked at 2.15GHz and 1.6GHz sitting on Snapdragon 820 chipset, which is powerful.

While OnePLus 3 specs include only 6GB RAM version, ZTE Axon 7 specs are more variant with another model: 4GB RAM along with 64GB ROM. Alongside 6GB,  ZTE Axon 7 memory is bigger with 128GB ROM compared to 64GB ROM of OnePLus 3. Apart from the same 8MP selfie snapper, ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3 primary cameras are not alike. The ZTE phone sports 20MP shooter, whereas Oneplus 3 first sensor is only 16MP, but it is still the standard resolution.

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3

Last but not least, all such ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3 specs can be fueled by what kind of batteries? At first, I think they would be massive ones. In fact, they are not that much bulky. ZTE Axon 7 battery is capable of 3250 mAh capacity, which is a bit powerful than OnePLus 3 cell. It is only 3000 mAh battery. Overall, regarding the specs only, I think I will recommend ZTE Axon 7 if someone asks me to suggest a good smartphone. But wait! Let’s see their prices, are they affordable?

ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3: how much do they cost?

With such specs, ZTE Axon 7 VS OnePLus 3 prices are quite competitive. ZTE Axon 7 price ranges at $499 while OnePLus 3 carries a cheaper price tag of $444. They are perfectly competitors in this battle. So now it is your choice to pick the winner?