The most iconic phones from each smartphone brand

Today the smartphone industry is full of flagships with premium yet mainstream features. So today we’ll try to bring you something different. Take a look at our list of most iconic phones from each smartphone brand!

most iconic phones (4)


1. Apple iPhone

We cannot talk about most iconic phones without mentioning the first version ever of Apple iPhone. The term “smartphone” is possible deprived of this great handset. It is not the first phone to pack a touchscreen, but for sure it is the first phone to become a household name. This first “soldier” from Apple dramatically changed the smartphone industry when it was released in 2006!

Thanks to brilliant marketing strategy in 2006, 6 out of 10 consumers knew the existence of this iPhone even before it attacked the market! The phone had sold over 6 million unit worldwide by the time its successor – the iPhone 3G was released! There’s no denying that after the birth of this smartphone, the word “iPhone” has become a part of our vocabulary!most iconic phones (1)


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