Samsung Galaxy C9 teased in China: “The next big thing is coming”

Samsung Galaxy C9 beast has been spotted before on Antutu benchmark. Now, it looks like the phone has shown up again, in a teaser! Let’s take a look!

samsung galaxy c9

Samsung Galaxy C9 teased on Weibo!

Samsung has just posted a photo on its Weibo account, showing a smartphone in the dark, along with the caption: “The next big thing is coming”. The phone looks so unclear that we had to add some more exposure for a better view of the image. Finally, we can see a phone with rounded corner, 3 antenna lines on the top and possibly a metal unibody (as you can see below).

Samsung has not specified any further details about this mysterious smartphone. However, based on the recent leaks and reports, smartphone fans and tech lovers are expecting that this is nothing else but the Samsung Galaxy C9. As mentioned above, this phone has appeared on Antutu before. The phone is reported to carry a massive 6-inch full HD display – which could be what the “big thing” in the teaser refers to.

samsung galaxy c9
“The next big thing is coming”

Other alleged Samsung Galaxy C9 specs are also very impressive. According to latest updates, this Samsung phone will arrive with a Snapdragon 652 at its heart, along with a spectacular 6GB RAM. For photography, the phone will possibly carry a 16MP camera both on the back and the front. Other leaked Samsung Galaxy C9 specs include a 4000mAh battery and 64GB of internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy C9: Price and availability

Besides the reports about the specs, there are also reports about Samsung Galaxy C9 launch date! Accordingly, this phone will hit the market at the end of this month or at the beginning of November. As for Samsung Galaxy C9 price, we haven’t received any detail yet. However, we expect that, with those specs, this Samsung phone will cost from $700 to $800 (RM. 2900 to RM. 3300).