Nokia OZO confirmed to launch next month

OK, so maybe Nokia cannot make smartphones at the moment, they still can make other things, right?! Something like a virtual reality camera…


Nokia OZO confirmed to launch next month

We usually say that Nokia’s comeback will be next year, 2016, but it may be sooner if you count the coming product Nokia will bring us next month: Nokia OZO, which is the first ever commercially available virtual reality (VR) camera designed for professional creators and storytellers. Moreover, it is also said to be the first in Nokia Technologies’ digital media solutions portfolio.

According to Nokia, the OZO will be introduced on November 30, 2015. They also expects that VR experiences will be able to change how people communicate with each other and gain more information in the world. That is why they created OZO to bring a new standard of professionally capturing, editing and playback of cinematic VR contents.


Specifically, with this camera, you can capture stereoscopic 3D video in 360-degree panoramas. And if having VR headsets, you can watch videos with a feeling like you are in the middle of the action. It sounds great!

For other information like Nokia OZO price and availability, we have to wait until Nov 30, 2015 to get official details from the company.

In conclusion, it seems like Nokia is really starting their strategy to return to tech industry in general and perhaps smartphone area in particular. So, can Nokia OZO be a good beginning of their plan? Let’s wait and see!