Nokia smartphone to come with 3D UI elements

Technology is developing non-stop and something like 3D-capable smartphones may be new to the market at first but will definitely become a trend some day. Not standing outside the game, Nokia will probably bring to shelves their own capable of delivering 3D content…

Recently, Tommy Incrosnatu, a designer, has brought us an attractive Nokia smartphone concept that is not only available for your viewing pleasure but also capable of 3D looks. It is considered as a device coming with beauty elements of Finnish nature. Though the design is quite simple, we still can see the taste of a premium machine. Don’t you think?

In addition, the designer explained on his website that the concept was to show how simplicity and 3D elements can be combined:

“I teamed up with 3D artists Oula and Miika to create something amazing. I’ve had this idea for years to create a concept phone and give it my take on a modern smartphone user interface.

I wanted to use desirable and simplified graphics, spiced up with photography. I also added some concept level ideas to the core applications, pushing for a well thought out GUI and some playful tricks.

The goal was to have fun and prove something to ourselves, but maybe we’ve ended up being too ambitious, doing things like 3D racing game graphics.

The final presentation style aims for the beauty of Finnish nature and the end format will be 60 second full-on TV-advert.”

However, apart from the pictures, we are informed of nothing related to the Nokia 3D specs.

In the end, we want to thank the designer for this beautiful Nokia phone and perhaps Nokia would consider bringing it to shelves next year when they come back. Who knows?

Now, let’s take a look at some pictures of the Nokia 3D!