Leaked ZTE Nubia X8 specs: 5.5″ 2K screen, 4GB RAM and more than 5,000mAh battery

Back to June when we first heard about the new ZTE phone – ZTE Nubia X8, it took nearly 4 months for the company to confirm the ZTE Nubia X8 launch as well as reveal some interesting photos of the beautiful ZTE Nubia X8 design


ZTE Nubia X8 teaser

Recently, ZTE manufacturer has posted an ad of a smartphone on their Weibo page, showing the device would come with extremely thin borders and a curved screen. Besides, we notice there is an “X” placed below the phone in the teaser, which absolutely hints that it is the ZTE┬áNubia X8 we saw months ago. In addition, ZTE Nubia X8 release date has been fixed this time, October 15, 2015 to be exactly. Therefore, we do not have to guess anymore ­čśÇ .

And as we mentioned above, some live photos of ZTE Nubia X8 were also leaked on the internet. We reckon┬áthat is a version with gold color and premium metal frame. If we had not known it were Nubia X8, we would thought it were Sony┬áXperia Z5 Premium. Don’t you think they are quite similar in terms of look?

More interestingly, there are possible touch-sensitive volume control buttons. If so, ZTE Nubia X8 is the first phone to have such a cool feature. On the other hand, ZTE Nubia X8 specs include a┬á5.5-inch display with Quad HD resolution, powerful 4GB RAM and a huge┬á5,120mAh battery. However, ZTE has not confirmed the information yet, but, say, we just have to wait a few days to get the curtain unveiled, especially the ZTE Nubia price ­čśë !

Well, what do you think about the coming ZTE Nubia X8? Beautiful? Share with us your feeling!

(Source: gizmochina)