ZTE Nubia X8 Real Photos: Big screen and Glossy design

ZTE Nubia X8 is coming! After some leaked renders of this phone has been shown over the past few weeks, now you can see how real is the Nubia X8 with more information about ZTE Nubia X8 Specs!

ZTE Nubi X8 real

If you are impressed by ZTE Nubia Z9, you may feel the same or even more with the new ZTE phablet Nubia X8. It is also said to be the successor to Nubia X6 boasting a 6.44″ display. Looking at the pictures, we can see that Nubia X8 poses along with a 5.2″ Nubia Z9 and it looks bigger than its elder brother, which is likely to own a 6-inch screen.

ZTE Nubia X8 Real


Now we know for sure that X8 will be dressing an all-alloy suit with a fingerprint scanner on the back. It also appears that ZTE is going to equip Nubia X8 with a physical shutter button for the rear shooter. Do you hope for this?


If you forget, let us summarize a bit key features of this new handset. It sports a 2K screen, a remarkable 5,120mAh battery, 4GB RAM, up to 64GB of expandable storage, dual SIM, and perhaps a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processro. What we don’t know yet is its camera combo, but we find that there’s a high possibility that Nubia X8 will come up with nice camera kit to complete its almost wonderful set of specs, for example a 20MP rear and 8MP front cam. Who knows?


So, though ZTE company makes consumers excited about their upcoming phone, they still have not confirmed the ZTE Nubia X8 launch date and price. Well, what are your suggestions for ZTE Nubia X8 Price in Malaysia?