Huawei testing 5G connectivity: reaching the speed of 4G LTE x 200

I bet many of us are still 4G LTE a very strong feature in smartphones these days. Although 4G LTE smartphones still do the trick, there is a hint that 5G connectivity is already on its way. 

5G connectivity

Huawei + NTT DOCOMO is testing 5G connectivity

Right now in Japan, NTT DOCOMO (a leading mobile phone operator in Japan) is working with Huawei Mobiles to test 5G wireles date. Of course it is aimed for the fast growing smartphone market. The 5G connectivity will be using sub 6GHz bands. Since we know how powerful 4G LTE is, the idea of an updated 5G itself is amazing enough to overwhelm us.

Recent reports have suggested that, the two companies are testing the 5G in a public place, which makes it much more effective than being done inside a lab. From what we heard for now, after many trials, the 5G technology from Huawei and NTT DOCOMO has reached the peaks of 3.6 Gbps.

Is 5G connectivity fast?

Am I making it too technical? Don’t worry, here is the clearer comparison. Open Signal’s data provided that, the average of the best 4G LTE speeds (measured in Spain) is 18 Mbps. This means the 5G connectivity speed measured in Japan is about 200 times faster than our current best networks!

Do you more more examples to be convinced how awesome it is if we have 5G connectivity? From what we know, one of the best options we have right now for home internet (which is NOT wireless) is Google Fiber. And it reaches the average speed of 1 Gbps. Now you can do the calculator! 5G connectivity = 3.6 x Google Fiber + wireless. The future feels so bright now already.

(Source: Android Authorities)