Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 launch on August 16 with great specs and metal frame

Lately, we have received good news related to an upcoming product of Xiaomi. That is about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 launch date in China. So, when is it exactly?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 1: Predecessor of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Launch Date:

It seems like Xiaomi has chosen August 16, 2015 to be the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 release date and the event will take place at Beijing. Though the day has been set, we’ve still received no confirmation about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 specs, design and prices from the company. However, many people predict that it could be the one which appeared on TENAA not long ago. In fact, the prediction does base on something. The phone looks like a common Xiaomi Redmi Note but comes with a slightly different design and features.

If the above machine is the Redmi Note debuting on August 16, 2015, we would like to summarize all about Redmi Note 2. Combining what we know with what is in the picture, we assume that the new Xiaomi Redmi Note will sport a 5.5-inch FHD display with thinner bezels. On the bottom of the front surface, there are red buttons for home, menu and back function.

On the other hand, another special feature about Redmi Note 2 is its metal frame. This somehow shows that Xiaomi has started to focus more on their affordable sub-brand from the inside to the outside, which can bring phone users better experience.

Well, that is what we’ve got about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2! Just a quick summary for you: Redmi Note 2 is said to be launched on August 16. On that date, we will know more about Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 price and specs. Stay tuned! We keep you updated!