Xiaomi Mi4i will come with the Windows 10 Mobile for the first time !

Besides Xiaomi, Lenovo is also partner to deploy Windows 10 Mobile on the new generation of its smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi4i & Windows 10 Mobile – The great combination

In recent times, Microsoft has always been looking for a true partner to the OS Windows 10 Mobile on mobile. Thus, the company is now aiming to Asian market for Android devices. For this reason, Microsoft sought to Xiaomi, one of the big manufacturers from China.

Someone may think that is idea is not suitable for the “fast,powerful” factors that the Xiaomi is looking forward to. However, the vice president of Microsoft shared that the combination of Xiaomi Mi4i and Windows 10 Mobile would be fantastic. After the long time of testing in Xiaomi devices, it seemed really good. The machine operation runs fast and smoothly.mi4i on windows 10

According to experts, this is not too surprising because there was a video showed the Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows 10 Mobile before. From this information we can see that Microsoft’s to set up the Windows Phone for Android devices is absolutely possible.

According to the Chinese blog IT Home, people who are using the Xiaomi Mi4i  can download the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview ROM with the size of 700MB. This comes with the Windows 10 Mobile 12562.82 version. Moreover, it need a special password before the install step. Until now, the ROM is only available for the beta testers. There is another source shared that all of the Xiaomi smartphones and tablets are ready for the unlocked ROMs, which means that we can install any of the Android versions or another mobile OS.

Windows 10 Mobile & Other devices

Accordingly, the first product to be tested is the Mi 4, but we will also have  many other products to be integrated Windows 10 in the future. Additionally, Lenovo is also one of the potential partners to put Windows 10 Mobile for users. If the provided information is true, we hope that devices of the Xiaomi and Lenovo will be available for the Windows 10 Mobile in the coming November. This is also the time to be rumored that Windows 10 will be official available for mobiles.