Meizu Flyme 5 is coming in September?

Recently, many Meizu products have been introduced such as Meizu M2 Note, Meizu MX5, and Meizu M2 equipped with updated features of the time. However, though the devices are totally new, they are stuck with Meizu Flyme 4. That seems not a plus for those three machines as well as the upcoming flagship of Meizu which we heard days ago.

Yet, now we might not have to worry about that since Meizu Flyme 5 is on the way as the Meizu’s Chief architect of Flyme department, Mr. Yang Yan, has just revealed many things about the new OS, including some beautiful screenshots of Flyme 5.

To be specific, Flyme 5 will come with a beta version in late September or early October, and then the full ver will be available soon after that. On the other hand, he also adds that Meizu MX5 will be the first smartphone in the house to get updated with the new OS. Nonetheless, apart from MX5, there has been no other info related to which models will receive Flyme 5. But, we are pretty sure that the coming high-end Meizu flagship will run on this OS to complete its set of top specs.

So, if we have the new Xiaomi OS this month (Xiaomi MIUI 7), we are likely to welcome the new Meizu OS next month (Meizu Flyme 5). Though, no confirmation of the Meizu Flyme launch date has been made. Hopefully, Meizu company will announce that in the next days.

Looking at the pictures of the new Meizu Flyme 5, do you feel excited? Share with us your opinions!