5 Android smartphones that are best for taking photos

Android handsets are doing very well in bringing users great experience, especially in taking beautiful photos. So, here are the top 5 high-end smartphones sporting the best main cameras in 2015, according to Android AndroidPIT.


1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung is aware that consumers nowadays are focusing much on the camera’s quality of a smartphone, so they have released products that can satisfy this demand of people. And Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, which was just launched in August, 2015, has been chosen to be the best among them. Specifically, its rear cam is capable of 16 megapixels with OIS, autofocus, and LED flash. Moreover, you can activate the shooter in less than 1s to take pictures you want like immediately. Here is a sample captured by Galaxy S6 edge Plus:


2. Google Nexus 6P

Google Nexus 6P also appears on the list thanks to its ability to take fantastic pics in low-light conditions compared to many other premium flagships. In terms of Google Nexus 6P specs, though there are just a 12.3MP primary snapper and a lack of OIS, 6P has laser autofocus and a dual LED flash to produce quality images. Its HDR+ mode is also excellent. If you use this mode, your shots will look even livelier than what it really is.


3. Moto X Pure Edition

Many people think that Motorola smartphones’ cams are not good at all. However, they may have to change their mind now since Moto X Pure Edition is different. The phone boasts an up to 21MP camera with a dual LED flash and f/2.0. Photos taken by Moto X Pure Edition are absolutely natural. You can see it for yourself!


4. LG G4

The rear shooter of LG G4 is equipped with 16 megapixels and rich features such as built-in optical image stabilization, full manual mode and RAW capture capabilities to a fast f/1.8 aperture lens. In fact, LG G4 shows better details, especially when you adjust sharpness on RAW level. Furthermore, it can record 4K video, yet there is a time limit of 5 minutes for each video.


5. Sony Xperia Z5

Spec-wise, the device owns an amazing 23MP main cam along with phase detection autofocus, and LED flash. Its autofocus speed is super fast, just 0.03s, and you even cannot notice when it finishes. Besides, Sony Xperia Z5 is also able to record slow-motion videos with 720p resolution and high frame rate of 120 frames per second.


Those are what we want to introduce to you guys today: Top 5 premium Android smartphones that can assist you a lot in capturing things and produce gorgeous shots! Now tell us which one you like most!

(Source: AndroidPit)