Zungle Panther sunglasses: new vibrant tech through skull

Now you can listen to music without being disturbed by headphone cables and bright sun. A Zungle Panther sunglasses with built-in bone conducting headphones has just been introduced to the world. 

Zungle Panther sunglasses

Zungle Panther sunglasses: A new kind of vibrant sunglasses!

The idea of putting sunglasses and bone conducting headphones together already operated. But it seems not to meet the world demand. Lately, a startup company by the name of Zungle based in Los Angeles produced a wearable tech. It features a bone-conducting speaker on each side of the frame and named it “Zungle Panther”. The Panther has everything you’d expect from headphones and even a phone.

The Zungle Panther sunglasses supports Bluetooth 4.1 connection, hands-free calling with a mic attached inside and audio control by way of a jog dial. As for Zungle Panther Sunglasses specs, it weighs a highly manageable 45 grams and houses a 300 mAh battery which is able to play music for 4 hours. The battery is recharged through a hidden microUSB charging port in the hinge area.

Zungle Panther sunglasses

The sunglasses uses bon-conduction for its headphone function. Normally, other headphones transmit sound waves outside the ears. The Zungle Panther sunglasses sends sound wave vibrations through the skull. Therefore the crystal-clear sound is transmitted. Meanwhile, the surroungdings hear nothing. The users pair the device to their smartphone via Bluetooth and opens their music app on their phone. A dial over the right ear frame can be tapped to customize the playlist, and spun to fast-forward and rewind songs. Because the headphones use bone-conduction to transmit audio, they also allow your ears to hear everything including your surroundings.

Zungle Panther sunglasses: price and release date!

Zungle Panther sunglasses design comes in five different colors with even more replacement lenses. It is available on online retailers from June 16th for orders. Zungle Panther sunglasses price is around $ 150 (RM 604).