ZTE Axon Max 2 spotted on GFXBench: 4GB RAM, 4050 mAH

The new smartphone on GFXbench could be the cheapest 4GB RAM phone from ZTE brand: ZTE Axon Max 2! Let’s see what will the ZTE phone offer?

ZTE Axon Max 2 : new flagship from ZTE

ZTE Axon Max 2 on GFXbench: New 4GB RAM ZTE flagship

ZTE Axon Max 2 is the successor of ZTE Axon Max. Last year, the ZTE Axon Max was one of the favourite phones which sports 6.0-inch, 3GB RAM, 4140 mAH battery and a SnapDragon 617. Now, the new Axon Max 2 has been spotted on GFXbench with more enhanced features than its predecessor. So, let’s see what will ZTE Axon Max 2 offer when compared to ZTE Axon Max.

First, the new ZTE Axon Max 2 remains the design as ZTE Axon Max, but it has a new processor. Under the hood, there is a Qualcomm SnapDragon 625 supported by 4GB RAM. This new processor is expected to give better performance for the new ZTE phone. Besides, the internal storage on Axon Max 2 is bigger, with 64GB RAM. ZTE Axon Max 2 battery is also bigger, with 4150 mAH capacity. Meanwhile, the screen and the camera remain the same with a 6.0-inch fullHD display and 16MP/13MP cameras.

ZTE Axon Max 2 : new flagship from ZTE

With all specs above, ZTE Axon Max is worth being called the new ZTE flagship. This phone still wins over the ZTE Axon 7 which is the latest ZTE flagship. It has the same 4GB RAM as ZTE Axon 7 but with a bigger screen and a bigger battery (6.0-inch and 4150 mAH). The selfie camera on this new phone is still better, with 13MP resolution (that is 8MP on ZTE Axon 7).

ZTE Axon Max 2 price and release date

Especially, ZTE Axon Max 2 price is still cheaper than that of ZTE Axon 7. It is reported to cost $439 while the ZTE Axon 7 price is $447. As for ZTE Axon Max 2 release date, we have to wait for this phone several months from now. And when ZTE Axon Max 2 comes out, we expect to see Android Nougat on the phone. So, with that price tag and all specs it offers, are you interested in the new ZTE flagship?