Swipe Konnect Plus: octa core, 13MP, amazingly cheap

In 2016, Swipe Konnect Plus is considered to be one the cheapest smartphones sporting Octa-core, 13MP. However, are its design and features attractive as its price? Let’s find out!


Swipe Konnect Plus: good quality, cheap price

Swipe Konnect Plus is quite decent and promises a fine performance. It runs on Android OS which is famous for being friendly to users. Not to mention, you have the access to the unlimited amount of apps and game through Google Play. Furthermore, it sports a 2GB RAM and Quad Core 1.2 GHz Process which is strong for all basic apps and beyond that. Its huge 16GB storage can be expanded to 32GB.

Swipe Konnect Plus is a budget phone that is made for filming and taking photos. Its main camera is 13MP which captures really high-quality photos. All your most memorable events, trips, moments will be at the most realistic state on film. You also can have beautiful selfie shots with a 5MP front camera. If you’re looking for a cheap phone with good camera, this one is for you. Also, its 5-inch IPS LCD display comes with HD resolution.


In case you are wondering, Swipe Konnect Plus battery is 3000 mAH which is a bit above average. But it is still good enough. So, you don’t have to worry all day finding a place to recharge. This phone supports both 2G and 3G connectivity which will be very helpful when you don’t have wifi around.

Swipe Konnect Plus: price and availability

Swipe Konnect Plus has been launched on August 16 in India market. The price is around $75 (about 300RM) which is really cheap as we have said before. You may find this phone impressive. However, with this cheap price, you are having a jackpot right under your nose. What is your opinion about this phone? Please tell us more!