Xiaomi Power Bank 10,000mAh: Newer, Smaller and Lighter

Xiaomi has introduced a brand new 10,000mAh Power Bank which is a bit smaller than the recent 10,400mAh Power Bank. However, people may consider its smaller size and lighter weight as good points. About its appearance, you will also get the same metal clad body and the same charging chips made by Texas Instruments and US Power Systems. Now, let’s check out some important numbers to show how the Xiaomi’s new product is like.

Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi Power Bank:

10,000: 10,000mAh is the capacity of the new power bank.

207: It weighs 207 grams, which is 43 grams lighter than the 10,400mAh version (250 grams).

60.4: It measures just 60.4mm wide, obviously smaller than the 77mm wide 10,400mAh Power Bank.


22: Though it is smaller in width, the new power bank (22mm thick) seems to be thicker than the former (21.6mm).

62: It has 62 hours of standby time.

2.1: Its output pushes 2.1Amps from a single USB port.

4: There are 4 LED status lights on this device.


5,200: The positions of its microUSB input and full size USB port has been changed to be in the middle, like the Mi 5,200mAh Power Bank.

40: In China, Mi 10,000mAh Power Bank costs 69 CNY, which means this Xiaomi power bank price is about RM40 in Malaysia.

In conclusion, for those who want to buy a new power bank, they can take the Mi 10,000mAh Power Bank into consideration. It has just been launched by Xiaomi manufacturer recently, and one remarkable point is that this new device is lighter and smaller in comparison with the Mi Power Bank 10,400mAh. Anyhow, we have not had the Xiaomi Power Bank Malaysia 10,000mAh as well as the official Xiaomi Power Bank price in Malaysia yet. Maybe it’s gonna be here in the near future.