Wireless charging: The reasons why it is NOT recommended

Wireless charging is always an appealing feature in smartphones. However, does it really assist your device? I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at our reasons why this technology is never a good choice for you.

wireless charging (2)

Wireless charging: NOT battery-friendly

First of all, wireless charging is not as efficient as cable charging. Many users think that wireless charger is less annoying thanks to the lack of the cable. But they don’t know that wireless charging comes with lower capacity. It takes a bit longer to fully charge a smartphone via wireless charging than via cable charging. So I would prefer a cable which is annoying yet powerful.

Secondly, wireless charging can drain your battery. This does not happen to the devices from big brands. However, with products from common brands, there are reports that many smartphone batteries lose their capacity after a while if wireless charger is used. So at this point, you may think that cable charging is not really annoying right?

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Thirdly, wireless charging heats up the device! We all know that battery heats up a bit during charging time, but when we use a wireless charger, both the phone and the charging dock heat up! So in this case, the smartphone heats up both from the inside and the outside! And this may lead to the malfunction of not only the battery but also many other electronics of your phone if you use this method for a long time!

Wireless charging: NOT budget-friendly

Last but not least, wireless charging is NOT budget-friendly. It is obvious that smartphones with wireless charger cost much higher than smartphones with cable charger. Another reason is that cable charging often comes with a removable cable, which can be replaced easily. The cable can also be used to connect your phone to your laptop.