Snapdragon 823 smartphone: the first will be LeEco

Snapdragon 823 will be equipped in another LeEco handset. It is believed to be the first one all over the world. You may be interested in this beast. So check out these interesting pieces of information.

LeEco Snapdragon 823

First Snapdragon 823 phone: specs we know for now

Close on the heels of launching the very first LeEco smartphone powered by Snapdragon 820 in the market, namely the Le Max Pro. The young and ambitious LeEco is gearing up to unlease another LeEco Snapdragon 823 phone. It feels like the Chinese-based company is planning on being a well-known brand of Snapdragon-equipped handset. Unfortunately, the company has so far not revealed any details about the Snapdragon 823 name, no idea if this is called LeEco Le Max 3, Le Max Pro 2 or something else.

According to our sources, the latest Snapdragon version is upgraded by increasing the clock speed compared to Snapdragon 820. What we know until now is that this LeEco Snapdragon 823 specs will come with 8GB DDR4 memory and 25MP camera sensor. Other upgrades should be mentioned such as Adreno 530 GPU, X12 LTE baseband and Cat.12/13 support. ASUS is said to use the same Snapdragon 823 for their upcoming Zenfone lineup in Asian markets as well.

LeEco Snapdragon 823

Snapdragon 820 has been so powerful in comparison with other chipsets so hopefully Snapdragon 823 will help LeEco to get a dramatic increase in profit.  If the company still sticks to the schedule, the company will make it first to the market

First Snapdragon 823 phone: release date

Regarding to Chinese media, this brand new LeEco Snapdragon 823 phone will be launched at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. Therefore, it is expected that LeEco Snapdragon 823 phone release date will be at the end of this month, from June 29 to the first day of July. Although it would be really surprising if Snapdragon 823 phones launch in this year, we can’t wait for it to happen, so just keep calm and stay tuned.