Smartphone battery: 5 reasons that make them drain out fast

Of course we all want our smartphones to last long with just a single charge. But, the fact is another thing. So, have you ever wondered why your handset runs out of energy fast? Here are the reasons which will surprise you! Check them out now!


1. Wi-Fi:

What’s wrong with the Wi-Fi? No, actually, what’s wrong with a smartphone whose Wi-Fi mode is turned on continually? The answer is that it is one of the main reasons why your smartphone’s battery is drained. Imagine that when your device is not connected to Wi-Fi, it endlessly searches for a Wi-Fi connection every 30 to 90 seconds, which means it’s gonna work for all day long and surely consume energy to “live”.


2. 4G Radio:

4G technology is a great invention, but you also have to be aware that it requires larger hardware and much more battery than Edge or 3G network. In addition, the way 4G radios work is similar to the Wi-Fi radio. It will non-stop scan for available networks whenever not connected. Well, so if you do not need 4G, turn it off to save more energy as well as protect your battery life.


3. Bluetooth:

Yes, sometimes you will have turn on the Bluetooth to transfer images, songs, etc. between 2 machines and then forget to disable it. This is when the phone’s Bluetooth becomes the reason why your handset’s batt is very easily got drained. Just like the aforementioned points, the enabled Bluetooth radio will endlessly seek a connection without your intention.


4. Background applications:

Most smartphone users tend to run an application and change to use another one without removing the unnecessary one. You may think that is a normal case, yet it does harm your device’s battery life. Applications such as Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp running in the background take much more battery juice than what you can imagine.

Huawei Honor 3C Apps

5. Brightness

Last but not least, it is about the brightness of the screen. Sometimes you just keep only one brightness level for your machine. Nonetheless, that is not good for your eyes and your handset’s battery life because there are many situations where a too bright display is not necessary and you work for so long, then the energy is just wasted without being useful.


Well, those are some main reasons to explain why your precious smartphone battery is getting worse through time. Perhaps you do not mean to do all the things above, but from now on, you know what to do to maintain a good battery life, right?!