6 of the best camera phones by Nokia: Legendary Pureview sensor

Nokia phones, are, no doubt the best and most loved among other competitors in our market. As 2016 is approaching to remark the comeback of Nokia legend, let’s take a look at the best Nokia camera phones we know so far

1. Nokia McLaren – 50MP Pureview

Nokia McLaren, or Nokia 1030 is definitely on top of our best Nokia camera phone list with amazing 50MP Pureview camera. Visually, the phone looks impressive with a big camera module placed proudly on the back, giving a sense of premium and signature from the Finnish legend. Nokia McLaren had actually been planned to be the successor of Lumia 1020 when Nokia was still under contract with Microsoft, but cancelled at last minute. We hope on their Nokia comeback, the legend will bring this phone to life.


Nokia McLaren


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