OnePlus 3 benchmark score: Antutu, Geekbench and more

OnePlus 3 has been launched recently along with powerful specs. This time, we also have OnePlus 3 benchmark result on Antutu as well as from Geekbench. 

OnePlus 3 benchmark

OnePlus 3 Benchmarks Scores from Antutu, Geekbench, and more.

OnePlus 3 specs are quite impressive at the price it has. However, to see how powerful it is, we bring to you OnePlus 3 benchmark on Antutu, Geekbench as well as other benchmark sites. They are all famous smartphone measurement page, which will help you to see OnePlus 3 capabilities exactly. On Antutu, OnePlus 3 benchmark reaches 142871 in Processor test. That’s is an amazing score when comparing with Galaxy S7 Edge (131,524). It is also higher than Xiaomi Mi 5 and LG G5.

On NenaMark, OnePlus 3 also has great performance. NenaMark is a trustworthy platform for testing graphic quality. As you know, OnePlus sports Adreno 530 GPU.  The OnePlus 3 benchmark score make a hit on Nenamark with 59.3 fps. This benchmark test is for measuring the performance of the graphics in terms of frames speed It’s is also good result compared with other rivals.

oneplus 3 benchmark

Finally, On Geekbench, OnePlus 3 benchmark gets 2341 in a single score and in the multi-core is 5523. Tha’s is still better than other rivals with the same chipset. For example, Xiaomi Mi 5 as well as LG G5, which sport the same SnapDragon 820 chipset, gets a Geekbench score in 2331 and 1983.

OnePlus 3 price and available date for sale

As we have mentioned above, this OnePlus device is currently available for sale! As for OnePlus 3 price, it costs $399 in the US or Rs. 26,896 in India, which is competitive price considering all the impressive specs it gets. So if you are really a fan of this brand, go to its website at now!