Camera tip: 5 ways to make your life easier

Besides photography purpose, camera phones can do a lot of interesting tasks than what you think. That is what we’ll show you in our list of “top best camera tips”. With those tips, you can manage you life easier, more organized, more convenient and  less stressful.

Camera tip

Camera tip: mirror, mirror, mirror

First, your phone can replace a mirror. With the fine front camera, you can use it to see how “beautiful” you are!. I am just kidding…But your camera is very helpful in case you need to make-up and forgot your mirror. It supports you whenever you want. Although there’re many mirror apps, the front camera will be a great mirror which saves your time. It also is more convenient compared to a real mirror.

Second, your phone camera can help you in direction. It’s awful when you need Google map apps right at the bad reception zone like rural areas. So, before you’re head to a destination, just load your Map direction and then take a screenshot. A photo of a local subway map also helps a lot when you travel.

Camera tip

Third, the camera tip can save copies of important documents. You can back up your driver’s license, passport, etc by taking photos of them. This will help you a lot, especially when you’re about to travel. To make sure no one can access these images, your phone should need a password.

Camera tip: a visual reminder

You can remember where is your parking place in a giant parking area? No need to worry, because the next tip of the camera phone can help you. Just shoot a picture of your parking slot like the floor or the spot number. Last but not least, the camera phone can be a visual reminder. When you’re at the store, a boutique or a market, you can use the camera phone to check the grocery, the goods you want to buy. You can know more about their information as well as their prices.