5 tips to buy the best second-hand smartphone

If buying a brand new smartphone is not what you think of after your old one being stolen or broken, you can consider buying a used device. But, of course there will be some risks that you have to deal with. So, in order to help you reduce the risks as much as possible, we would like to give you a checklist when it comes to purchasing a second-hand phone! 

xiaomi mi4 3g

1. Bill, box and accessories are what you should ask for!

Just exactly like when buying a new phone, you should ask for bill. It will not only assure you do not get a stolen product but also make it easier for you to sell or exchange it if necessary. For the box, it will help you check IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) serial number for added verification.


Surely sometimes a second-hand smartphone is not accompanied with its original accessories, yet you should ask for them and if there is no, you totally can ask the seller to lower the price.

2. 2GB RAM and above are better!

Nowadays, new 2GB RAM smartphones are so common on the market, especially around RM750 or even lower. As a result, it is much better if you choose one sporting at least 2GB RAM. However, if the budget only allows you to buy things between RM300-RM400, you will have to settle for 1GB RAM.

Besides, you need to check the processor as well. If it is powered by a Mediatek chip and over one year old, I am afraid that it cannot deliver good performance, yet Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered phones are different; they seem to last longer. Intel-powered ones can also be good, too; though, note that they affect battery life badly.

3. Say no to a stolen phone!

There always are sellers that try to give you stolen smartphones, which is not good at all. In case of things like that happening to you, ask the seller to give you the box along with the good because it is pretty hard for a thief to have such a “simple” thing, right?! 😀

4. Check the hardware, PHYSICALLY!

Normally, most of us want to buy a beautiful machine even if it is second-hand, so we usually check the body to make sure there is no sign of chipping or any other unexpected marks as well. On the other hand, bringing a laptop and a USB cable with you to the store is also a good idea since you can connect the phone with the laptop to see whether it charges and transfers data well.

Yu Yuphoria

Moreover, insert your own sim card to test. We surely do not want a phone without ability to catch the network easily. Also, do not forget to surf the web, download a few apps, take a few photos, etc. The phone has to be at an acceptable perfect level for our basic needs.

5. Warranty is important!

We usually see cases in which people just bought a handset and soon wanted to upgrade it, sometimes even within a few months. This means official warranty is still valid and such a machine will become an excellent deal for you. If you are not so lucky to get one, some with expiring warranties not long after that also can be taken into consideration. Or, you’d better look for smartphones coming with third-party warranties just in case you need some damage protection.


Well, those are the main 5 tips we want to share with you guys, especially those who are thinking about a used phone! Hope they help you find out the best one! 🙂