11 reasons to choose Moto X Style over OTHER brands !!!

Moto X Style has just been launched as the mid-range device. Not only it owns powerful hardware, but also with the attractive price. However, beside Motorola Moto X Style, there are also many competitive devices. Therefore, let’s check out what the features Moto X Style bring to us :

1. Screen

If we put to the comparision with the Oneplus 2 which is another device recently launched as well. Right from the prelude, Moto X Style showed its strength, the machine has a larger screen (5.7 inches), the Quad HD resolution. Meanwhile, OnePlus 2 comes with 5.5 inch screen and Full HD resolution. Thus, the density of pixels on the X Style up to 515ppi, and  OnePlus 2 reach 401ppi.

2. Thin cover display

With a huge screen, Motorola knows how to give users a product with a better aspect ratio by cutting the two covered side of the display .The Moto X screen accounts for 76.36% compared overall size of the machine.

3. High camera resolution

In terms of theory, Motorola Moto X Style continues to point the camera resolution up to 21MP. Although in fact, the resolution of the camera is not the accurate measurement of shooting images. But obviously, the image has higher resolution will be sharper as well as less broken grains when zooming.

4. Front Flashlight

Of course,  Moto X Style flash LED lights is also supported in the front, it would be more convenient for users to take photos ‘selfie’ in dark conditions.

5. MicroSD card

More thoughtful, Motorola offers a microSD card slot for Moto X Style. This is one strong reason to make Moto X Style ‘beat’ many other devices.

6. Speaker in the front

With the speaker system is arranged in front, Moto X Style will surely bring users more wonderful experiences while entertaining, playing games.

7. Quick Charger

Tại sao nên chọn mua Moto X Style thay vì OnePlus 2?

Style Moto X also takes little time to put the pin in the 0% to 100%. Even Motorola Moto X Style claims that this smartphone has the fastest charging capable.

8. Water Resistant

Moto X Style resists water and dust in with IP52 certification.

9. Moto Maker

Motorola Moto Maker service that allows users to customize the phone in the way you like when you buy the product . And with Moto X Style, users can choose different colors, different materials (wood or genuine leather), or durable rubber casing.

10. NFC Support

NFC has become something indispensable for  Android OS. Thereby, users can transfer data quickly and easily.

11. LTE Support

Moto X Style supports almost all LTE frequency being used worldwide. This is another advantage of Moto X Style.