ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro: Two decent phones with $100 price tag!

ZTE has just announced another phone with $100 price tag: ZTE Warp 7. So today let’s compare ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro – a previous phone that also costs only $100!

ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro

ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro: Decent specs

First let’s talk about the performance. ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE Zmax Pro both come with 2GB RAM – a good amount in the budget segment. Regarding the processor, ZMax Pro is more powerful. To be specific, ZMax Pro houses an octa-core Snapdragon 617 CPU including two quad-core processor, one clocked at 1.5GHz and the other clocked at 1.0GHz. Meanwhile, Warp 7 packs a quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU clocked at 1.2GHz.

Now let’s consider the cameras of┬áZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro. It looks like there are no differences between the camera setup of both phones. They share the same camera combo, with a 13MP main camera sitting on the rear and a 5MP selfie capturer located on the front. To store images, ZTE has given 16GB ROM (128GB extendable) to the Warp 7 and 32GB ROM (256GB extendable) to the ZMax Pro.


So what about other ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE Zmax Pro specs? Both of them support 4G LTE which is awesome for budget phones. Regarding the display, the 5.5-inch HD screen from Warp 7 cannot compete with the 6.0-inch full HD one from ZMax Pro. As for the battery, Zmax Pro wins again with its 3400mAh cell, while there’s only a 3080mAh battery in the Warp 7.

ZTE Warp 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro: Availability

So overall, ZTE ZMax Pro specs are better than ZTE Warp 7 specs. As a result, with the same price tag of ONLY $100 (RM. 400), the ZMax Pro is, of course, the better one. ZTE ZMax Pro is already available for sale in many countries. On the other hand, ZTE Warp 7 release date will be on the 6th this month.