Sharp Corner R: New smartphone with gorgeous look!

Smartphones never stop evolving. Sharp – the famous electronics brand – has just introduced Sharp Corner R – a new smartphone with a triple-curved display.


Sharp Corner R: Stunning bezel-less curved display

You must be familiar with the dual curved display of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge right? This new phone from Sharp is at a whole new level: It packs a triple-curved display. In other words, not just the two sides of the screen are curved. The top edge of the screen is curved as well! Wait a minute! How can the top edge of the display be curved? The answer is Sharp Corner R has NO front top panel! This is something Sharp has done before with Sharp Aquos Crystal but this time, they have made an evolution by adding the curves to the Corner R.

This new arrangement not only makes the phone look absolutely stunning but also makes the screen-to-body ratio very high: 90%. In fact, this is the highest screen-to-body ratio ever in the industry! Talking about the screen, this new Sharp phone carries a 5.2-inch one with full HD (1080×1920) resolution. That results in the pixel density of 425ppi, which is very sharp.


As for other Sharp Corner R specs, the brand has not revealed anything. But there are expectations that this phone will arrive with a 3GB RAM and Snapdragon 652 chipset. Moreover, it is speculated that there will be a 3500mAh battery, a 16MP camera with dual LED flash and a waterproof system.

Sharp Corner R: Potentials in the market?

Sharp is actually not a newbie in the smartphone market. They have produced at least 8 smartphones but they are not as popular as the products made by another Japanese brand: Sony. However, as the specs evolution in smartphones has seemed to reach its best, it could be a great strategy that Sharp chooses to invest in new design. It’s such a pity that there is still no info about Sharp Corner R price and release date yet. So please stay tuned and we will keep you updated as soon as there are new details!