Samsung Galaxy Note 6: first PHABTOP ever with 8GB RAM, 16 core

After Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the Korean company is working on the next flagship generation: Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The device promises to bring a whole new definition to our smartphone industry: phabtop, by having….



Samsung Galaxy Note 6: introducing the first Phabtop ever

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will definitely be a flagship smartphone, that is nothing to argue. But the most interesting thing we want you to know is just about to be unveiled right here: it seems very likely that the handset will be a hybrid between a phablet and laptop, giving birth to a whole new definition: phabtop. So, what is a phabtop and what does Samsung Galaxy Note 6 have to come up with a whole new category for our smartphone industry? You will find out just now

According to Patently Mobile, Samsung, with a new patent, is going to turn Galaxy Note 6 into a laptop in the shape and size of a smartphone, when the device is put in a dock. Therefore, the smartphone will have a touchpad, keyboard and a specially processor. If you look at the picture, the smartphone can fit perfectly into a laptop, sync and power the device like a CPU. That being said, if nothing changes, Samsung has just “created” a whole new definition to our technology world – a smartphone which has a size of a tablet (smartphone + tablet = phablet) and work under the patent of a laptop (phablet + laptop = phabtop).



In order to make that possible, the Galaxy Note 6 will run over Windows OS when being installed to the dock, and work like an Android phone for normal use. What a crazy yet brilliant idea, don’t you think? For long, Samsung has always been one of the top choices among our market. If this Galaxy Note 6 turns out true as what we know for now, it will definitely make a new hit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6: working as a laptop, looking like a smartphone.

Another source, the TechTimes has added in to confirm the rumors, by saying Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will probably feature 8GB RAM and 16 core processor. This is a huge combination of specs and would impress any user out there, even the most difficult ones. If you are interested in more technical information, please check our source for full details here (Source)