New LeTV and ZUK phone coming with rotating cams – A new trend next year?

Since the world’s first rotating camera smartphone OPPO N1, we have continued seeing many devices coming with interesting designs for their cameras. After OPPO, we have Huawei which introduced their flipping camera phone Huawei Honor 7i in August, 2015. And now, we are about to welcome 2 more handsets with rotating cams from LeTV and Lenovo ZUK. Unfortunately, their names are still a mystery!

1. LeTV Smartphone

It seems like LeTV’s strategy is not to release a lot of phones to enter the mobile industry successfully. Actually, they are doing it by giving consumers outstanding and unique machines. And recently, we have spotted something like that.

Some photos of the new LeTV phone shows that its screen will sport 2 curved sides like Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and 4 rounded corners. Moreover, it is very slim in terms of thickness and equipped with a 360-degree rotating camera, totally different from the shooter of OPPO N1 or OPPO N3. Besides, according to some leaks, LeTV will use Sony IMX300 sensor for such a unique snapper and make it capable of up to 23 megapixels and taking photos with RAW feature.

As for other specs, there will be a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 820 chip, 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Additionally, the Quick Charge tech of Qualcomm will be on-board as well despite not knowing how big the battery is.

Looking at the pics, we are pretty impressed with its design and the specs are so powerful. We predict that when it really comes out (perhaps at the beginning of 2016), we will be even more surprised. Let’s wait and see!

2. Lenovo ZUK Smartphone

Just about 2 months ago, Lenovo’s new ZUK brand announced its first product called ZUK Z1 boasting a 4,100mAh battery and full Netcom dual card with Lenovo ZUK Z1 price of only 1,799 Yuan (RM1,190). It has been attracting many people, which may be why ZUK wants to continue their success by launching another new handset in the near future.

Like the above LeTV smartphone, we have no idea about the name of the ZUK’s phone, but we notice it has quite similar design for the cam. It obviously can rotate around the top, but we are not sure whether that is a 360-degree rotation or not.

Some specs of the ZUK phone are said to include a Snapdragon 820 processor, yet other things like screen, memory, battery, etc. are still unknown. However, ZUK may not want to make them worse than the Lenovo ZUK specs 😉 .


As technology is developing more and more every day, thing like a flipping or rotating camera is not very hard to come true. With just one high quality shooter, you can capture a lot of beautiful pictures, and it can become a new trend next year. Do you agree 🙂 ?