Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930: 2GB RAM Windows phones battle!

Lumia McLaren has just come back after disappearing for a while. Now there are more leaks and hints about its specs! So today we find it interesting to compare it with another Lumia phone: Lumia 930! Let see between Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930, which one will get the crown!

Lumia-McLaren-vs-Lumia-930-1-e1469526367704Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930: 2GB RAM battle

The first thing Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930 have in common is the 2GB RAM. This average RAM actually works really well in Windows devices! They also come with the same chipset: Snapdragon 800, quite powerful! The Lumia 930 phone comes with a quad-core processors clocked at 2.2GHz, while there’s no information about the core of Lumia McLaren except the 2.3GHz clock speed. So it seems that Lumia McLaren is a but stronger in terms of performance!

Now let’s talk about the camera! There was once a rumour that Lumia McLaren would pack the camera with the highest resolution ever: 50MP. However, recent reveals indicate that the camera of this phone will be only 20MP – the same resolution as that of Lumia 930. Both Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930 also feature PureView technology just like all other devices in the Lumia series!

Lumia-McLaren-vs-Lumia-930-2-e1469526334820What about other Lumia McLaren specs and Lumia 930 specs? The McLaren phone is expected to pack a 5.5-inch full HD LCD display, featuring 3D multi-touch. This technology allows users to make contact with the screen without actually physical contact! With this feature, Lumia McLaren has won over Lumia 930, which sports a 5.0-inch full HD screen!

Lumia McLaren vs Lumia 930: Which one is the winner?

There has not been any more details about Lumia McLaren battery, internal memory or front snapper. So currently we cannot make any comparison between those specs! Also, Lumia McLaren price and release date are also a mystery! So in terms of what we currently know, Lumia McLaren is the winner! Please stay tuned to get the latest information about Lumia McLaren!