Lumia McLaren shows up once again

After nearly 2 years of omission, now Nokia wants to resurrect Microsoft Lumia McLaren, which was the most awaited smartphone….


Lumia McLaren: comes to life again

Microsoft Lumia McLaren was the next flagship after Lumia 1020 that Microsoft and Nokia wanted to work on. It was supposed to be the great success with innovative features including 50MP PureView camera. What a pity! This Lumia smartphone never showed its “face”, even though there were so many leaked photos, developers and testers. It has become the legend of Windows Phone till now.

Fortunately, lately Windows Central brought out a near-finished Lumia McLaren unit. Moreover, a Chinese site recently posted many photos of McLaren. Among such photos is a metal unibody with curved edges, which make Nokia smartphone design stunning and dazzling. The Nokia smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch full HD screen with LCD capacity, which deliver premium feeling.


Besides that Lumia McLaren specs also include a Snapdragon 800 CPU clocked at 2.3Ghz, 2GB of RAM. People love Lumia phones not because of their spec sheets, they are famous for combination of Nokia’s quality and Microsoft-developed hardware and software solutions. Lumia McLaren was intended to be ‘Lumia 1030’ and was probably have an upgraded 50MP camera. Some of the videos also showed off the phone 3D Touch feature which allows users to interact with the display without actually making contact with it.

Lumia McLaren: the truth is…..

Such camera information was the past. Now, the “today” Lumia McLaren was checked and confirmed to have a 20MP Pureview snapper, but it will never hold a 50MP one like what we hoped. There’s also the intriguing hover touch functionality. As your finger hovers over the screen, such feature will appear with shortcuts and data. The functionality is enabled by various sensors in the display and sides of the McLaren. Lumia McLaren release date and Lumia McLaren price are still kept in secret. Hopefully, we could meet it soon. Stay tuned.