iPhone 7 Plus showed up in live photos with a dual camera and…

Recently, an iPhone has been spotted in a live photo with a dual camera on the back, claimed to be Apple iPhone 7 Plus this year. Check it out now!

iphone 7 plus

iPhone 7 Plus – Dual camera and more!

While people are still waiting for the coming Apple iPhone 5SE, lately some information about has been seen on the internet. Specially, it appeared in a live photo, which makes everything even more reliable. Looking at the pic, we can see the handset sports a dual shooter on the rear, just like what was mentioned before. Besides, we notice that the camera hump is clearer compared to that of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. And there will be no antenna lines crossing the machine’s back.

In general, this iPhone 7 Plus design is totally fine. Though, as for iPhone 7 Plus specs, no word has been made yet, but we know a little of its main snapper. The two-cam setup is said to create “zoomed-in pictures without the bulk of a mechanical zoom or the distortion that comes with inflating images digitally.” More specifically, one lens will take a standard wide-angle image and the other will get a closer one.

Apart from the above details, we got something new. It seems like the iPhone 7 Plus will boast a smart connector similar to the one on Apple iPad Pro. It helps interface with its keyboard and other accessories. Well, that is a good feature, right?! Hopefully we can get more infor of the device in the next days.

iPhone 7 Plus price and availability

As Apple’s tradition is to release flagship smartphones in September, we’re pretty sure iPhone 7 Plus launch will happen along with iPhone 7 in September 2016. For its cost, we guess the handset will be priced at around $900. What do you think? Is it reasonable enough?