Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Malaysia Launch Confirmed for 16th October!

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are the latest items from Apple, and many people have been waiting for them to be on international markets, including Malaysian one. Recently, we have received good news related to their availability here in Malaysia.

Apple has officially told everyone that the Apple Iphone 6s and 6s Plus will come to Malaysia on October 16th. This is just 3 weeks, after the first launch wave with Australia, Singapore and US. This shows how important SEA and Malaysia is getting for Apple, and should be good for all Apple iPhone 6s fans in Malaysia.  In Apple’s official release Apple confirmed to already have sold more then 13 Million units of the newest iPhone 6s and 6s plus just in 3days, which is a new record even for Apple. In total 40more countries will see the iPhone 6S Release in October.

It is not very strange when Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus designs look very similar to their predecessors. However, the new rose gold color which has just been added to the collection makes people, especially girls and woman, kind of interested. On the other hand, the new duo is made of better material that is aluminum 7000, and their screens come with 3D touch tech. They are all considered as pluses for this line-ups.

About the Apple iPhone 6S specs and iPhone 6S Plus specs, they hold up to 2GB RAM paired with Apple’s new A9 chip. That is totally a good point showing that Apple has cared about their products’ performance. In addition, the camera of these two new phones get upgraded up to 12MP. As a result, for those who love taking selfies, the new iPhones will allow you to utilize the Retina display for picture illumination in low light conditions.

As for the new duo availability in Malaysian shelves, according to the news source, they will come under the model names A1687 and A1688 and cover a wide range of LTE bands and as mentioned the Apple Iphone 6s Release Date in Malaysia will be 16th October.Not only the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, new Apple TV coded as A1625 is also making its entrance with Bluetooth remote. Additionally, the new iPad Mini 4 with both wifi and wifi + cellular will debut this year in Malaysia.

Apple Iphone 6S Price in Malaysia ?

In conclusion, we are glad that the Iphone 6S Release Date will be on 16th October together with the 6S Plus. At the moment the Iphone 6s Price in Malaysia is around RM3550 and we hope to see a drop once its finally officially released.  Do you feel excited now? And how much do you think will be the Apple iPhone 6S price and iPhone 6S Plus price in Malaysia?