iOS 10 on iPhone 5 and 5c : The big loses

iOS 10 is now available on Apple iPhones, including iPhone 5/5C, iPhone 6 series, and iPhone 7 series. However, this is a bad new for iPhone 5 and 5C users, when those devices won’t be supported some interesting features of iOS 10.

IPhone 5

iPhone 5 and 5C doesn’t have some features of iOS 10

As you know, Apple has officially launched the latest iOS 10, with many innovative features. The company also confirmed to bring iOS 10 on iPhone 5/5C and later generations. However, on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C,  the iOS 10 will be deleted some interesting features. This could be the bad new for those who are using iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C. The reason could be the limitation of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C hardware.

To be more specific, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C will lose the “People” function. On the iPhone 6 series and iPhone 7 series, this function allows the device to recognise those photos with the same faces and save them in the same folder. Also, users won’t find the Memories function on iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C. This function helps you to create expert and beautiful slideshows by using photos and videos on the phone. Those slideshows are also combined with cool music and professional animation.

IPhone 5

The next difference between the iOs 10 on iPhone 5/5C and other iPhones is the “Raise to Wake” function. Like its name, “Raise to Wake” function allows the iPhone to wake its screen up automatically when you hold the phone up. This function is now only supported on  iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE. That’s mean iPhone 6 also lose “Raise to Wake” function. Besides, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C won’t have those features as follow: Touch ID, Apple Pay, 3D Touch, Translating Audio message, Night Shift, Defending Advertisement, Sleep Tracking, Continuously taking photos and Slow motion effect.

iOS 10 on iPhone 5 and 5C

Although iPhone 5 and 5C won’t have some interesting features of iOS 10 like what we mentioned, the latest OS from Apple still brings the new life for those devices. Apple iOS 10 brig iPhone 5/5C users new experiences like what it is doing on other iPhone generations.