Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5: Specs & features comparision

Samsung has a wide range of smartphones, not just high-end like S7 Edge and Note 7. Today, we will do a comparison for Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5, two of the best smartphones Samsung has to offer for a much more reasonable price.

galaxy j7 vs galaxy a5

Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5: Similarities and differences

To kick off this Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5 battle, we will look at some things both phones excel at. Both have Super AMOLED screen, which will ensure high-quality display. The cameras also have the same specs: both have 13MP rear camera, coupled with 5MP front shooter. You can take good photos and videos with these two phones. Also, both have 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage extendable up to 256GB, and Snapdragon chipset (with some variation).

Here, we will see the heated part of Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5: the differences. J7 houses Snapdragon 617 processor, while A5 has the 615 variant. Also, J7 has a huge battery of 3,300mAh, while A5 only has 2,900mAh. J7 runs on the latest Android 6.0; A5 is still on 5.0. J7 sports a plastic chassis, and A5 has a more elegant metallic body. Also, despite having same camera specs, A5 has the the image stabilizer feature, which helps avoid blurred image. Finally, J7 features a 5.5″ screen with HD resolution, while A5 gives you a 5.2″ screen with Full HD resolution.

galaxy j7 vs galaxy a5

So, in terms of performance and softwares, J7 wins over A5, because of the latest Android 6.0 OS, better chipset and better battery. However, in terms of design and camera, A5 comes out as winner of this Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5 battle, due to screen resolution, elegant body material, and special feature of camera. So, let’s see the price of these two next.

Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5: Price comparision

Galaxy J7 belongs to the mid-range category, so it is priced at $202 (RM815), while the higher-end Galaxy A5 is priced at $328 (RM1,323). So, J7 beats out A5 in terms of price in this Galaxy J7 vs Galaxy A5 battale. However, the choice to buy which phone depends on you: if you favors performance and battery life, then J7 is for you. On the other hand, if you prefer design and taking photos, get A5. Both suit different needs of customers.