Zte Axon 7 review: a closer look

We know a phone that is flagship killer because of its 6GB RAM, SND 820, mid or high-range price, etc. But you may want to take a closer look at such phone to know how it works. That is Zte Axon 7 review story…..

Zte Axon 7 review

Zte Axon 7 review: all you need to know

First let’s start with Zte Axon 7 design, it is said to be decent “outfit”. The phone is produced by a Chinese company but designed in USA. The tag on its back is a sign of a special cooperation between ZTE and Design Works, which belongs to BMW Group. That is also the company which creates the appearance of the most luxurious cars in the world. Therefore, Zte Axon 7 has a premium design thanks to the team.

Next on Zte Axon 7 review is the audio. The device features dual Hi-Fi audio chips: AKM AK4961 and AKM AK4490. You do not need to remember such code names, what you will know is more interesting. It costs over $3000 to buy a recorder and audio player. But with Axon 7, you do not need to pay that much money to experience premium feeling. For recording, the dual mic setup is exceptional which can record up to 8 meters away.

Zte Axon 7 review



The camera should not be forgot when you have a ZTE Axon 7 review! Zte Axon 7 camera can automatically turns on things like HDR and Night mode. This is very useful especially when you do not have enough time to turn the bright light on, you just point and shoot to get a great shot. There are a number of different filters available for use as well for users to play around with. Some built-in camera features are also amazing for you to begin a new trend, such as panorama, slow motion up to 240 fps, timelapse, and live photo which allows to create GIF.

Zte Axon 7 review: more for camera and amazing price…..

It seems to be all about camera in this Zte Axon 7 review. There is Optical Image Stabilization under the hood, which is used to prevent the shooting from shakes, or other sorts of motion. Furthermore, ZTE Axon 7 can record up to 4K videos. Now let’s talk about Zte Axon 7 price, with such great specs, the phone ranges at $499 which including ZTE’s premium two-year warranty, called Passport 2.0. That is used in case you decide that the Axon 7 isn’t for you, you can simply send it back to ZTE and receive a full refund, as long as its within the first 30 days. How surprised it is!