You can create you own LOUD SPEAKERS with these easy tips

If you want to have your own unique loud speakers for your smartphone and electronic devices, we will give you some tips to make one. This way is not only helps you to have the loud speaker that not costs much but also you will have the really special one for yourself. Here is some simple steps that you can follow :

This amplifier is made of wood that no need cords, batteries as well as electrical components.

This clever amplifier is made entirely of wood. That means no cords, no batteries, no electrical components at all.

We need to cut wood and stick it together.

There is a notable point is an small opening hole which allow the sound go through and transfer to the front.

The secret? Well, the small opening you see here lines up with the phone's speaker. The sound is funneled through this opening and out of the holes on the front.

The circular openings create a resonant chamber where sound is amplified.

Now we will see how it will be made :

Materials : 24-inch wooden plank, a square dowel, wood glue, a standard saw, a hole saw, sandpaper, and clamps or weights. Paint, stain, and/or varnish are optional, but cute.

Create you own LOUD SPEAKERS with these easy tips: