Xiaomi Mi 5 review: Great specs and premium appearance

Xiaomi Mi 5 is not a new phone from Xiaomi, but comparing to the latest phones from this brand, Mi 5 is still a beast! Let’s take a quick look at this Xiaomi Mi 5 review!


Xiaomi Mi 5 review: The hardware

First of all in this Xiaomi Mi 5 review, let’s consider the CPU and the ROM. This phone scores 102491 points in Antutu benchmark, which is quite an impressive number! That result comes from the powerful Snapdragon 820 chipset. There are three memory variants of this phone: 128GB ROM/4GB RAM, 64GB ROM/3GB RAM and 32GB ROM/3GB RAM. Unfortunately, only the basic variant is delivered to Malaysian market. 32GB ROM can be quite a disappointment for users with high storage demand.

The second thing to mention in this Xiaomi Mi 4 review is the display. This phone houses a 5.15 full HD screen covered by Gorilla Glass 4.0. The details displayed on this screen are very sharp; the colors are vibrant and the color temperature is balanced. Another highlight of this display is its ability to view in intense sunlight. This power is thanks to 16 LEDs around the screen and the Sunlight Display technology of Xiaomi.

xiaomi mi 5 review

Next in this Xiaomi Mi 5 review is the battery. The 3000mAh battery of this phone doesn’t seem impressive in the beginning but real-life test has proved that this capacity does better than expectation. To be more specific, users are offered with five hours and 30 minutes of on-screen mode. However, the quick-charging feature of this phone is not really “quick”. Within 30 minutes, the battery is only 35% charged.

Xiaomi Mi 5: The design

Last but not least in this Xiaomi Mi 5 review is the design. What many people fall in love about this phone at first sight is its “polished” appearance. The phone looks very high-end and so far this is people’s favorite phone design! Another highlight of Xiaomi Mi 5 design is the dual curved back which makes the phone more comfortable to hold in hands. However, there is one drawback. It’s not that comfortable to hold anymore while you’re lying on your back, especially with one hand. Now many of you may wonder why I didn’t mention the camera and the audio in this review. It’s because there’s another part of coming soon! Make sure to follow our posts!