Xiaomi Laptop: 15”, 16 GB RAM & 500GB SSD to come in 2016?

Xiaomi disclosed that they would introduce a new laptop next year. Of course, the rumor was way back, but it seems this time Xiaomi will certainly do it. According to the very reliable Bloomberg Financial News, Xiaomi may launch the laptop in the first quarter of 2016, to compete with Apple’s Macbook and other already popular laptop manufacturers in Asia such as Lenovo or Asus.

xiaomi-laptopXiaomi laptop will come in Q1 2016, a new rival to Apple’s Macbook?

Xiaomi nailed it with their smart phones, becoming a world famous brand after just 5 years. Therefore, there is nothing to stop them from making more devices. A laptop, which is necessary for work, is essential to bring up Xiaomi’s reputation. Moreover, to prevent other companies like Huawei or Meizu from taking its market share, a laptop is also a wise move.

Xiaomi does not announce any of the laptop’s specs. However, we suppose Xiaomi laptop display will be a 15” screen at least. Xiaomi laptop may sport 500GB SSD internal storage. However, it would be nice if Xiaomi makes it for 1TB option. The device should have at least an Intel Core i5 as its processor. The last information we had included also 16GB RAM, but lets see on that part.

maxresdefaultXiaomi laptop will, of course, run on Microsoft Windows as its default OS. However, Xiaomi may even launch the device with its own Linux-based OS. Like Android, Linux is much more easier to customized.

The laptop may feature aluminum alloy for its body. Xiaomi laptop price in Malaysia should be around RM 2000. As we have mentioned, Xiaomi laptop release date would be in Q1 2016. This seems rushed, but if Xiaomi wants to expand their market and sales, they can do it.


Xiaomi laptop may come with the name Xiaomi Mi Notebook

Xiaomi fans, what are you opinions on this? Will you buy a Xiaomi laptop, knowing so well how Xiaomi products will fare? Give us your comments and expectations on this laptop.