Windows vs iOs: 4 things Windows phones do better than Apple phones

It seems unfair when comparing Windows vs iOs. But in fact, there are 4 things a Windows phone does better than an iPhone. Let’s have a look!

windows vs ios

Windows vs iOs: How does Windows phone surpass iPhone:

First of all, between Windows vs iOs, Windows phones are better for users with kids. For those who have kids in their houses, I’m pretty sure there are times when the kids ask for your smartphones to play games or to surf the internet. In that case, it is not really nice to let the kids down, but at the same time, you don’t want the kids to explore your photos, contacts and other personal stuff of yours. To handle with that, Microsoft supports a function in their phones called Kid’s corner. By switching to that mode, you can limit what the kids can do with your phone! This is something iOs doesn’t support.

Secondly, Windows uses photos from Bing as the phone’s lock screen. This is not a really outstanding feature in Windows but it’s nice to have one! Everytime you pick up the phone, there is a new photo on it. And this makes the phone more interesting to use! iPhone doesn’t come with the same feature. Its lock screen is manually changed, not automatically. So between Windows and iOs, Windows phones are better for those who love unexpectations.

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Thirdly, Windows phones come with living tiles. These tiles are similar to iPhone’s icons. However, the tiles are “alive”. To be clearer, many tiles in Windows phones can show you what’s going on in the apps presented by those tiles. For example, just by glancing at the home screen, you can know how many new Facebook, Twiter, Instagram notifications, how many new emails and more! With iPhone’s icons, you can only know…. what time it is.

Windows and iOs: It’s all about the price

Last but definitely not least, Windows phones are much cheaper compared to iPhone. If there are two devices, Windows vs iOs, packing the same specs, the iOs is always more expensive. With the same money you pay for an iPhone , you can use it to buy a Windows phone flagship with excellent features!