The weirdest phones to ever be invented in history

Along with some gorgeous smartphones, there are some phones with …horrible designs. Now, we give you the weirdest mobile phones ever. Some are (thank god) never seen today, but the rest has actually hit the shelves!

weirdest phones


1. Mobile Script phone concept & Chamelephone

First up on our list, we’ll show you the weirdest phone ever: Mobile Script. The device comes with a special design that you will never see on another smartphone. This device is the longest cell phone concept we’ve ever seen, making us remember one of the iPhone models last year. Mobile Script can change its size thanks to a flexible OLED screen. Especially, it is impressive with new charging technology, which can charge from solar energy. Wow!

The next weirdest phone on our list has also the weirdest name: Chamelephone. The Chamelephone has the ability to automatically change its colour and shape to the same with an object you place it on. Seems like a good idea, right? We do have to admit, the full touchscreen device does have a certain appeal, but only if it comes with a homing beacon, just in case.
weirdest phones


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