Want to keep your battery life longer? Here are 5 easy tips!

Battery is one of the most important parts of a smartphone. Therefore, many users really concern about keeping their cells as healthy as possible. Here are 5 tips for you to do so!

battery life

1. Lock screen helps a lot.

Lock screen, or lock screen notifications to be specific, can help save you battery life, especially when your phone is equipped with an AMOLED panel. You can see your notifications quickly without turning the whole display on. Though in fact you will still need to light your screen up, the time is much less than normal.

2. Airplane mode is more useful than you think!

As battery life will be affected much due to the device connecting or finding network, you can switch to Airplane mode while being asleep. Or, another solution is to employ sleep or blocking modes to create limits for what your phone does during certain times of the day such as sleeping or meeting time.

3. Keeping your machine cool is essential.

No matter what kind of battery your smartphone has, heat can harm it. As a result, the cell’s longevity will be shortened much. So if you want to keep it long enough, do what everyone is recommending: Keep it in a cool condition, avoid charging when being sitting inside a hot car, using while charging, charging right after a long time of usage, etc.

4. Charger and power bank you use should be used with caution.

Power bank is a very convenient gadget to fuel your handset immediately. It is also portable and light enough for you to carry everywhere. However, please be cautious with the brand you choose. If you use a non-reliable one, it will do serious harm to your smartphone’s battery. And in the worst case, you may even see your device on fire, literally.

battery life

5. Stay away from water!

Last but not least, if your machine does not come with capability of being water resistant, you’d better not let it “jump” into water, especially non-removable batt. Obviously you cannot take it out to dry. So, one of the best ways to keep it working as long as possible is to keep your phone away from water.