Top 5 popular Dual camera phones: 8GB RAM, 4500mAh

If you are looking for a good smartphone with dual cameras, then you have come to the right place. Today, we’re bringing you the list of top 5 popular dual camera phones on the market. Let’s check them out:

top 5 popular dual camera phones


The new flagship from ZTE has just arrived this June and since, become the center of attention for its impressive features. ZTE Nubia Z17 specs involve Snapdragon 835, a 5.5’’ inch display screen with full HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels) and 3200mAh battery.

Additionally, ZTE Nubia Z17 camera has a combo of 12MP + 23MP shooters and a 16MP in the front of the phone. Therefore, ZTE Nubia Z17 camera combo is the best in ZTE Nubia line so far. There are two variants of ZTE Nubia Z17: one with 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM and the other with 128GB ROM and 8GB RAM. The price for this fantastic handset is around RM. 2,458 (~$571).

top 5 popular dual camera phones

2. Xiaomi Mi 6

Next up on our list is another remarkable smartphone in 2017: Xiaomi Mi 6. Also, Xiaomi Mi 6 specs include a 5.15 inches full HD display, Snapdragon 835 chipset, 6GB RAM and a battery of 3350mAh. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi 6 camera contains Dual 12MP rear cameras with 2x optical zoom and a front camera with an 8MP sensor and up to 1080 pixels in resolution. The Xiaomi Mi 6 price for this handset is also very budget-friendly, similar to most Xiaomi devices before, roughly about RM. 1,848 (~$430).

top 5 popular dual camera phones

3. LG V20

This LG V20 beast is the next phone we want to mention on our list. Notably, LG V20 phone came out last year and surprised everyone with its specs, which include: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM, a 5.7’’inch display in QHD resolution and a secondary display of 2.1’’ inches (160 x 1040 pixels). Besides dual-display, LG V20 camera also has dual shooters of 16MP + 8MP and a front shooter of 5MP. And finally, LG V20 price is RM. 1,988 (~$462) in Malaysia.

top 5 popular dual camera phones


The newest installment of the Honor series, Huawei Honor 9, came out with a budget price and incredible features. Among Huawei Honor 9 specs, there are HiSilicon Kirin 960 chipset, a 5.15’’ inch LCD with full HD resolution (1080 x 1920), 6GB RAM and a battery capacity of 3200mAh. Huawei Honor 9 also contains dual cameras of 20MP + 12MP on the rear and a camera of 8MP on the front. With its outstanding specs, Huawei Honor 9 price is only around RM.1,727 (~$401), making it a competition to a lot of high-end smartphones on the market, even the OnePlus 5.

top 5 popular dual camera phones


The last phone on our list today is Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This device packs an Apple A10 Fusion chipset and runs on iOS 10.0.1. Besides, other Apple iPhone 7 Plus specs consist of: a 5.5’’ inch LCD touchscreen with full HD resolution; 3GB RAM and up to 256GB ROM, and a battery of 2900mAh. Camera-wise, iPhone 7 Plus has dual lenses of 12MP + 12MP on the rear and a front snapper of 7MP. With high resolutions and wide-angle cameras, Apple iPhone 7 Plus can even shoot videos in 4k quality. However, the price for this device is quite high, roughly RM. 3,799 (~$883).

top 5 popular dual camera phones


Above is the list of top 5 popular Dual camera phones that we think you should consider buying this year. What is your opinion? Please let us know in the comments down below.