The wearable Wove Band hands-on: Best world’s first flexible display so far!

“Polyera is a flexible electronics company” founded in 2005. They aim at producing next-generation flexible electronics and hope to bring consumers the greatest experience. That can explain the birth of their latest product – the wearable Wove Band. And we can say that Polyera has somehow wowed people when using Digital Fabric technology for the band.

Speaking more specifically, Digital Fabric tech replaces the brittle silicon material usually used for making thin film transistors (TFTs) with a flexible material able to help create a much more durable flexible display of OLED or e-ink type. Cool!

As for the Wove Band specs, it is an e-ink device featuring a multi-touch 1040 x 200 display and wrapping around your wrist. The larger end segments are where the battery, processor, and the charging port storage stay. Wove Band runs on Wove OS based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. For more details about the Wove Band specs, you can check out the following table:

Wove 0.1 Band is made with Polyera Digital Fabric Technology and E Ink electric ink film.
OSWove OS based on Android 5.1
Display 1040 x 200
Size30 x 156 mm
Display ColorGrayscale
InputCapacitive Multi-Touch
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Processor1.0 GHz Freescale i.MX7 dual-core ARM Cortex A7
Battery230 mAh

When you tap the screen, it will display weather forecasts, news headlines, and emails. However, for now we only can see a demo mode including a map navigation app, a recipe app, and an app for media playback with a basic user interface. Though, it’s already made us feel interested and look forward to the Wove Band launch as well as consumer release in 2016.

Hopefully, this device can help the company achieve their goal, which is that “devices are no longer hard, heavy, and cold, but soft, ambient, and organic.”

Now, it is time for you to enjoy some Wove Band hands-on pictures 🙂 . 

(Source: androidauthority)