Smartphones manufacturer want your phone to be secured!

Many smartphones manufacturer don’t only make phone and sell it to you, they also have great tools that will help you to keep your phones safe and not dealing with hackers.

Smartphones manufacturer

Smartphones manufacturer like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Samsung can help you have a good security option for your phone, your life, your data and all other docs that are stocked in your smartphone. So you better get to know that you need a secured phone or you can get exposed by hackers. In this article, we gonna come out with some technics that can help you stay safe and not been trapped.

1- Use a secure lock screen

“Any method that locks your phone is better than none”, but the six-digit PIN is believed to be one of the best ways to have your device secured. Most smartphones manufacturer longer randomized alpha-numeric passwords mean they will need the right tools and a lot of time. reports believe that you don’t need that long password to open your phone, just a patterns, pictures, voiceprints and a host of other things easier to do than typing a long password. To secure your device, make sure you’re using one.

Smartphones manufacturer
2- Encryption and two-factor authentication

Encrypting all your local data is very important as well, this mode will force you to activate a cloud with two-factor authentication on your account before you log in. “Recent versions of Android come encrypted by default. Android 7 uses file-level encryption for faster access and granular control. Your corporate data may have another level of security to reinforce this”. Do not also use the same password across multiple sites, if you are someone who is difficult to┬áremember passwords, just use a password manager to track of your password.

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3- Only install trusted applications

Before you install any App on your smartphone, make sure it’s a trusted App. This method definitely works, so many spying Apps are out there, some of them come as a game or security apps, but they are developed by hackers as they goal is to access to your phone and compromise your life. “Actual malware that probes and exploits the software on your phone can only happen if you approved the installation”. If you are using Samsung, you may check your setting and turn on ” Do not install from unknown source” this will help you not to download a fake app.

Smartphones manufacturer

Smartphones manufacturer want your phone safe?

None of this will make your phone 100% secure. 100% security isn’t the goal here and never is. The key is to make any data that’s valuable to someone else difficult to get. The higher the level of difficulty, the more valuable the data has to be in order to make getting it worthwhile.