Smartphone trend: Why smartphones are so necessary in our lives!

I’m sure smartphones are everywhere now. Have you ever wondered why the smartphone trend is so big right now? Here are the reasons why smartphones are so indispensable in our lives!


Smartphone trend: great assistance!

First of all, smartphones come with millions of helpful apps! Do you remember when we still had to use map find the place we wanna go to? Now we have GPS to locate ourselves and even to know the best route to arrive at our destinations! Or do you miss the time when having a camera is a dream to everyone? Now all of us have cameras in our smartphones! Those apps are just the tip of the iceberg! The smartphone trend is huge thanks to its huge amount of apps which make our lives much easier!

Secondly, smartphones help us communicate better! There were times when the only way to tele-communicate is letter! When phones were born, we can call and text! And now with the smartphone trend, we can chat with our friends and families via countless free channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, … We can also attach images, sounds and videos to our conversation! Besides, we can even video call with a person from the other side of the planet via the internet!


Thirdly, we can entertain ourselves right at where we are. Say goodbye to the times when the only way to watch movies is to go to the cinema or to turn on the television! Now we can watch many blockbusters on our own devices! The smartphone screen is bigger; the resolution is higher; the battery life is longer! All of those improvements contribute to better entertainment! THere are also hundreds of things we can do just with our smartphones!

Smartphone trend: Not just a way of entertainment!

Last but not least, your smartphone can be your mobile workplace! Now we can check our emails on the go via the internet. We can even create or edit documents by our phone. There are also countless apps to help us manage our works like Google Drives, Google Calendar in Android, Microsoft Office in Windows phone or iCloud in iOs! Now you see why the smartphone trend is SOOOO HUGE nowadays? Are you a part of it?